A British brand specialising in small organic sleep collections. Thoughtful and tran-seasonal sleepwear for women and children.

The Sleepy Doe story


Sleepy Doe was born in 2016 with a goal of being part of change for the every-night essential. Founder and designer Sophie wanted to create a sustainable sleepwear brand for women and children, bringing conscious designs to elevate the bedtime wardrobe.

Each piece is carefully considered ensuring maximum comfort alongside signature hand-drawn prints and Sleepy Doe styling.

Following Sophie’s 10 years experience in the fashion industry, from creative directing and designing loungewear for British heritage brands, Sophie’s exposure to the industry shaped Sleepy Doe. Sophie's design and manufacturing experience ensures Sleepy Doe prioritises quality alongside a strong aesthetic language.

 Designed with women and children in mind; fabrics are handpicked with quality at the forefront. Sophie’s emotive feminine style brings both comfort and effortless pyjamas you’ll wear on repeat.


Conscious Solutions

 Sleepy Doe are proud to be built on a foundation of sustainable and ethical practices. Sourcing 100% organic cotton fabrics, printed using non-harmful dyes to sleep soundly.

Our pieces are manufactured by independent, family run factories and businesses in the UK and Spain which support fair-pay, flexible working and share a passion of manufacturing a considered product.

 Our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum with our core range manufactured in Britain. The female run factory shares our brands values, with full production transparency driving Sleepy Doe to always improve.

 Packaging is 100% recyclable, avoiding extra inserts. Collections are small as we prefer to sell through than have wastage. Sleepy Doe strongly believes there is always room for sustainable improvements.


MEET SOPHIE | LIBERTY LONDON Founder & Designer of Sleepy Doe